Saturday, September 11, 2010

I will make this work!!!

Sorry if there is anyone out there that is actually reading this. I am trying to get this blog going, it has been hard because we have had a stretch of things that have required all of my attention.  My Son was sick and out of the first week of school, he is better thankfully. Then the school district called and wanted to know if we wanted to send our daughter to Pre-K. She turned 3 in June and wasnt really potty trained so we had to think about that. We ended up sending her and trying to potty train at the time. Overall she is doing pretty good, just the #2 isn't going so well. Then I work full-time and we are under staffed right now so I am trying to get as much done at work plus working at night and on the weekends. I thank you if you are reading this and I truly hope to get this blog going and getting everyone some great deals!
Thanks for your support!

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