Monday, October 25, 2010

Black Friday Shopping

I am getting excited about Black Friday shopping. I look forward to getting the ads in my Thanksgiving paper and having the kids look through them and then getting up at the crack of dawn to brave the crowds. I am not sure if it is the thrill of getting that hot toy, the shear craziness  of being at the store so early or if it possibly just the going to the store by myself...I am sure it is a combination of all three. I love shopping for my kids. I love Christmas and I love a great deal.


  1. oh I am so excited for Black friday this year! I am your newest follower! I would love for you to visit my blog!

  2. Me too, I am looking forward for the Black friday sale especially for good deals to find for Christmas presents. Following you here.

    Check me out with my Mom Blog Monday Post here

  3. I am so disturbed it's almost Black Friday! Wasn't it just July??!

    Where did my year go :)

    Your blog is SO cute!
    Excited to follow all your adventures now, swinging by from the blog hop.

    The Survival Mama