Monday, October 11, 2010

Great Weekend

I think sometimes we all need a great, relaxing weekend. My family and I got to enjoy each other this weekend doing absolutely nothing much but spending time together. My employer gave us Columbus Day off so I was able to enjoy an extra day with my family. My husband did work Saturday afternoon and went to back to work today but it was really nice being able to just be us.
We did have the kids pictures taken Saturday morning otherwise we had nothing structured or planned.
I spoiled them all with cakeballs, enchiladas, and chicken and noodles. These are all some of their favorites.
Next weekend my teenager is wanting to have a bonfire with some of his friends. He has requested more cakeballs and cookies. I guess next weekend is busy already!
Have a great week everyone

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  1. Halloween Cake Balls to bring to a friends Halloween party would be so nice :)