Monday, February 28, 2011

Falling in Love Again

I've heard it said that a successful marriage requires falling in love with your spouse multiple times.

Yesterday John and I decided that we would give the kids a "surprise". We don't often buy these little "surprise gifts" however Olivia had started asking for the Michael Jackson Experience Wii game and it happened to be an Amazon Deal of the Day this past week. With my Amazon Mom account I received free 2 day shipping and with Swagbucks Amazon Gift cards that I had sitting in my account we decided that spending $15 out of pocket for a game that all three kids would enjoy would be a good deal and a great "surprise" for the kids.

So Olivia, the one that has been asking for "Uncle Jackson Game" so she could dance, would not even hold the controller. So John starts playing the game. He is sitting on the couch playing and I tell him, "you would probably do better standing up." He says,"Crap!" He gets up and starts dancing to "Billy Jean". OhMy Goodness! Hilarious! Austin and I are laughing so extremely hard, he does the crouch grab and all. All for his little girl to start dancing and playing the "Uncle Jackson" game that she has been talking about for several weeks. In that moment....I feel in love with my husband all over again. He is a wonderful father and a terrific husband.

We all did take our turn playing the game, all having fun and laughing with and at each other. We will get better (hopefully) but it has provided us with memories that will last a lifetime and that was just in the first day of having the game.


  1. oh, what a beautiful post. I so agree...about the falling in love all over again. I do it frequently with my hubs! Loved this post today!

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