Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How do you share happiness?

It's a crazy world we live in, people are always rushing to do this and multi-tasking trying to get everything done so that they can move on. Sometimes never even realizing that they have spent so much time trying to get things done that they haven't taken a moment to stop and enjoy a smile. Do you think about if you have helped out another person in our wonderful world have a happy day? Do you share your happiness? Or are you simply to busy to even think about it?

These questions got me thinking about what I do to share my happiness. As I was thinking about it, my mind went into, friends and extended family, strangers, and co-workers.

I think the easiest group of sharing my happiness with is my family. Obviously those that mean the most to you get a majority of your love and kindness. I love to surprise my kids with special treats, sometimes its a dinner out, maybe a toy while we are at the store but the most special to me is when I can spend extra quality time with them. I love being in the kitchen with Olivia, she drives me crazy trying to help out with the dishes but she loves playing in the water. With Austin it would be making his favorite food and Dane it would be making a special dessert. I think that I love to be in the kitchen with my kids because my Dad liked to cook or create however you'd like to look at it or depending on if you were eating what he was making and that is when I feel closest to him.  Sharing my happiness with my husband is a little tricky because we work separate shifts but I think that by sending him nice, cute text messages or leaving him a surprise cookie or something is how I would share happiness with him. 

Friends and Extended Family I think that we all share happiness together just by simply being together. Sometimes laughing and joking around other times just simply by offering a simple smile when they need to see it most. I have a friend that brightens my day when I get a "Good Morning-have a great day" post on Facebook. She definitely brightens my day. I know that when I call my Mom for nothing more than to talk that I have added a little happiness to her day, I can tell by her tone in her voice.

Offering a little happiness to a stranger could be a smile, helping them carry something or maybe even a random act of kindness like paying for their meal. I love the feeling I get when I have helped someone out even if it is just helping them get the best deal for their money.

My co-workers often hear me say "Good Job" and I sometimes surprise them with a treat. I had a special co-worker who left to raise her family but I love surprising her with her favorite lasagna....well yeah she was a friend too but it happened at work.  Sometimes co-workers just need a simple "Thank You" or "I Appreciate Your Hard Work" to put a smile on their face. Taking a minute and asking how they are doing or offering to help finish a project would add a little happiness to their day.

I don't think that I spread nearly enough happiness so I am going to work on that. What about you? How do you share happiness?

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  1. I live in a small town where it is very common to smile and say hello to a complete stranger walking down the road. I also love doing the same. This is such a great post. thank you for sharing.

  2. Hi. New follower here from Sunday blog hop. Hope you can visit my blog too. I love the general Idea of your blog. I make it a point to appreciate something/someone everyday.. It really helps shift my moods.

    TAke care,