Monday, February 28, 2011

What Would My Kids Miss If I Were Abducted By Martians?

With the upcoming release of Mars Needs Moms on March 11th it poses the question: "What Would Your Kids Miss About You If You Were Abducted By Martians"? This is funny to me. I say this because I think sometimes my kids wish I were abducted. My oldest son, Austin is currently grounded for bad decisions and my middle child, Dane, he is going through the middle child stage where he believes we like the other two kids more. I think both boys would prefer that I was abducted at least for a few days.

My top ten list of What My Kids Would Miss About Me If I Were Abducted would be:
  • My cooking- I have heard stories of the foods/ combinations that my husband has fed the kids and I know that my kids enjoy their Momma's cooking.
  • My bedtime routine- Everynight I tell them "Goodnight I love you, Sweet Dreams." Whether I am tired or not I tell them every night.
  • My supervision of their school work- My husband tells me that he honestly would not know what to do if I were not the one to do this because he just can't keep track of everything.
  • My little surprises- I am frugal with my money but I still like to surprise my kids with special games or special outings.
  • My nagging- they would miss this because it would be inevitable that they would forget their lunch money, their homework or would be late for school. I always have them organized for an easy morning.
  • My money-I really don't think that needs much explanation but I seem to be the one that they ask for money for the movies, to run for a snack at the gas station, or for book orders at school.
  • My knowledge- ok that should say how nosey I am. Austin calls me a Facebook Creeper because I am always looking around at his friends and whats going on but it does broaden our conversations.
  • My nurturing-I am always talking to my kids asking them what are they going to do when they grow up, what classes should you take, teaching them how to play sports and games.
  • My couponing-they would miss the treats that we are able to have because of my couponing, their Dad would stick to the list.
  • JUST ME- I think that they would miss everything that encompasses me, my diva like attitude at times but then my loving, gentle, caring ways at other times.
I hope to never be abducted by Aliens however if that should happen, please let my kids know that it never would have happened if they would have just cleaned their rooms. (wink, wink)

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