Friday, February 25, 2011

Where in the World Have I Been?

Hello!! It's great to be back. I has been a while since I posted last, for that I am sorry. I have been dealing with sick kids, traveling kids, and school referendum business. I am sad to say that none of that is over with as my little Olivia is sick again today, she has gone to school 1 day this week. Austin is almost done with his Choral Competitions but not until around the end of March. Dane has finished basketball and he is now ready to move on to baseball. To top it all off, our schools are in a bad financial state and we are trying to pass a new tax referendum so I have started helping out with that. Due to all of those issues I have not been blogging or doing any deals. I did begin to organize my coupons, to hopefully get me headed in the right direction for getting my deals and lowering the outrageous amount of money that I have been spending at the stores. I do have a new review and giveaway to post this weekend hopefully (if Olivia will help me out) and I have been in contact with some AWESOME companies for upcoming reviews and giveaways.
I am hoping that March will be better for me so that I can get back to business.
I will also be selecting the Glee Gum winner and contacting the winner today!


  1. Hope everyone gets and stays healthy for you.

  2. What a week! But you've been doing exactly what you needed to do. Keep working on the school referendum. Taking care of kidlets is a given.