Monday, January 3, 2011

What a way to start the year

Ok so I know we are only 3 days into the year but we have already been sick the whole year...LOL! Did you hear the drama in that???
So John and I both ended up getting Olivia's cold starting Wednesday, we both spent the entire weekend lounging around the house. The kids seriously were beginning to get worried. I started feeling like I was coming out of it yesterday but stupidly said..."I wish I had one more day off to just feel better." Why is that stupid you ask? Well because obviously some cruel Mommy fairy out there heard me and about 30 minutes before bedtime Dane says "Mom I don't feel so good", as he plants himself in front of the toilet and begins to violently throw up. NICE!!! Ok so maybe he just ate too much junk today. He should be ok, just get some jammies on and get in bed.  I went ahead and got my stuff ready for work and headed to bed. 
Next thing I hear is someone getting sick....John comes in the bedroom, I am fully expecting him to tell me that he was sick. No he says "I don't think Austin's going to school tomorrow!" Yeah so Austin is sick too. Austin NEVER gets sick.  John stays up later than I do so he went ahead and took the "first" shift of sitting with the kids. Well the kids had an awful night and Austin didn't head back to school today.
Neither kid has thrown up for several hours and I thought Olivia was starting it with a belly ache but she appears to be ok now.
So....we are all sickies so far for the year 2011. I guess it can only get better....right?


  1. Thanks for the follow from Making Friends Monday. I am now following you back. I hope you get feeling better!

  2. That does not soudns like a fun new year - hope everyone feels better soon. Thanks for the follow - just stopping by to follow back!

  3. Nothing says Happy New Year like family sicknesses :D Hope you all get better quick and have a better remainder of the year!

    Thanks so much for following our blog, Blue Eyed Blessings, we're now following yours!!

  4. Hope you all are feeling better real soon!!

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